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Justice and Weight in My Past as a Seller

Divine Justice

When the scale of conscience leans towards honesty, memories of being an unjust vendor surface. During my teens, selling beans was my responsibility, yet at times, my measures fell short of the promised pound. I became a thief of weights, depriving customers of their rightful measure. With time, I repent for my actions.

In life's balance, justice is defined by correctness, alignment, meeting set requirements. The Bible provides insight, like when King Belshazzar was confronted by Prophet Daniel. "Tekel," meaning "weighed," signified the king was not in the right weight, outside God's justice, akin to my beans falling short.

Another resonating biblical example is Job, desiring God to weigh him in the justice balance, trusting his integrity amid tribulation. God's justice differs from human, measured only by His Word. Otherwise, we risk shaping personal justice based on subjective concepts.

As I noticed the lack of weight in my products back then and corrected my error, today I recognize areas in my life needing balance. My repentance is a constant reminder to live according to God's Word. In the divine scale, we are weighed not just by actions but also by how we live, think, and act. My wish is not to be found lacking weight, outside divine justice.

Written by Víctor Preza, based on the sermon of 24/02/2024.

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