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Hello New Arising Church! 🌟 Would you like to give your workspace a fantastic upgrade while supporting an amazing cause? 🌍✨

On December 16, you'll have the chance to win a beautiful solid oak desk with a 1/2" glass top – an exclusive design valued at $2500! How? By participating in the charity raffle to raise funds for the mission in Colombia.

Each ticket is only $20, and with it, you're not just entering the race for this stylish desk, but you're also contributing to important causes like Futbol4life, Fundación Obras para la Gloria De Dios, and supporting children in an invasion in Pereira, among other significant projects.

Tickets are available at all Points of Encounter or on Saturdays at the sales point. It's a unique opportunity to make a difference while enhancing your workspace. Remember, the desk's transportation and installation are not included in the ticket cost.

A huge thank you to Alejandro and his family, who not only designed this magnificent desk but also generously donated it. Let's make this activity a united and supportive community effort!

Get your ticket, beautify your space, and contribute to making the world a better place!

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