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Ivan and Deyanira 

Ivan and Deyanira Mendez are passionate pastors who have dedicated their lives to restoring families with unwavering love and commitment. Their passion is evident in every word and gesture, and their total dedication to this noble cause is inspiring. With wisdom and compassion, they guide families through healing processes, offering emotional and spiritual support. 

pastor ivan

Ivan is a committed leader who is passionate about leading our community toward a transformed life in Christ. His wisdom and compassion are an inspiration to those around him, and his biblical teaching is a constant source of spiritual guidance and strength. Ivan is a caring and dedicated pastor, always ready to listen, advise and provide support to those in need. His humble character and authenticity make him a role model. Under his leadership, New Arising Toronto has grown and become a beacon of hope and love in our community.



"Our peace comes from His word and His promises, not from what we see in the world."

—Ivan Mendez

pastora deyanira



Her inspiring leadership and deep spiritual connection are examples to follow. With wisdom and humility, she guides our congregation towards deeper faith and active community engagement. Her unwavering empathy and ability to listen carefully have touched countless lives, providing hope and comfort in times of difficulty. As a pastor, her message of restoration and renewal encourages us to live lives of purpose and follow God's way with passion and gratitude. 

"The Lord promises us victory over difficult situations if we delight in Him."

— Deyanira Medez

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