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AI VS. A REAL HEART (Artificial Intelligence vs. a Real Heart)

AI VS. A REAL HEART (Artificial Intelligence vs. a Real Heart)

In today's era, artificial intelligence (AI) has become an everyday component of our lives. From internet-connected devices controlling our homes to applications performing financial analyses or even people contemplating marriage to an AI hologram, its presence is undeniable. However, what are we sacrificing in this technological advancement?

AI, no matter how sophisticated, lacks something fundamental that defines us as humans: the soul. In a world inundated with devices and algorithms, we risk losing sight of what truly makes us human: love, empathy, and sacrifice for others.

True love involves giving one's life for others, something no machine, no matter how advanced, can replicate. This concept, rooted in our very essence, distinguishes us from technological creations. As mentioned in 1 John 3:16, true love is demonstrated through sacrifice, an intrinsic quality of humanity.

Despite technological advances, we must remember that our soul is the most precious thing we possess. It is our link to the divine, and it is essential to protect and nurture it. While machines can be repaired or replaced, our soul is unique and irreplaceable, and its connection to the divine determines our true existence.

Therefore, in the midst of this digital age, we cannot allow AI to distance us from our humanity. We must remain rooted in love, compassion, and care for others, always remembering that what makes us human transcends technology.

Written by Victor Preza based on the sermon of April 27, 2024.

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