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Do I decide or let God decide for me?

In life, we are constantly faced with the crossroads of decision-making. These choices can be crucial, defining our path to success or failure. For those who have a spiritual relationship with God, decisions made in conjunction with Him often lead to success, while those made in the belief that we are acting in accordance with His will can lead to failure.

Let's examine the case of Abram and Sarai, who had a close relationship with God. He promised them a child, even though their advanced age and sterility seemed insurmountable obstacles at the time. In this story, a fundamental lesson is revealed: in decision-making, we hear three different voices—the voice of God, our personal voice, and the voice of the enemy.

Sarai, in a moment of doubt and lack of faith, listened to her own voice. She thought, "I cannot have children, but my slave Hagar can." In an attempt to help God fulfill His promise, she made a decision that changed the course of history. Instead of trusting in the divine promise, she sought her own solution and allowed her slave to conceive a child. This act of impatience and lack of trust continues to impact the world today, as Hagar's son, Ishmael, and his descendants became the Palestinian and Arab people.

When Abram and Sarai finally rekindled their trust in the divine promise, their names were changed to Abraham and Sarah, and God fulfilled His promise by giving them their son, Isaac, who became the father of the Israelites.

The lesson we can draw from this story is that, to allow God to make decisions in our lives, we must first seek His kingdom. This involves establishing a daily relationship with God through prayer and the study of His Word. Faith, trust, and obedience are key elements in this process. When we nurture this spiritual connection:

  • God's promise becomes a reality in our hearts.

  • We begin to envision that promise as if it has already materialized in the physical world.

  • We have a certainty that God has performed the miracle and that it will become a reality.

  • We can persevere, maintaining prayer, faith, and visualization until the promise is fully realized.

In this way, we can allow God to take the helm of our lives and guide us to the fulfillment of every promise.

This blog was written by Mario Hernández, based on the sermon of October 21, 2023. If you want to explore more on this topic or share your experiences, feel free to leave us a comment! Together, we can learn to trust in God and let Him take the reins in our lives.

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