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Eagle or Chick: Learning to Face Trials of Faith

Often, we wonder if problems or circumstances are tests of faith. We ask ourselves, "Why did God put me through this?" However, these tests of faith are opportunities that God gives us to exercise our free will, that is, how to react to these situations.

Recognizing Our Choices

First, you must acknowledge how everything came about and whether it was a decision you made, whether it was right or wrong, guided or not, conscious or not, but you made it. From there, you seek options to either overcome the situation or exacerbate the problem. For instance, being a guarantor was your choice, even though the Bible specifies not to do so. Many times, we make decisions on our own.

"Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him." - James 1:12 NIV

The Dilemma of the Used Car

Recently, as a family, we pooled our money to buy a used car. We found a seller who provided us with a car that, in our opinion, was good for the sale price, though it required additional investment to be in optimal condition. When we went through the registration process, we realized it had outstanding debt, and we were dumbfounded. During the registration, they asked, "Did you request this document?" and "Did you request this other one?" and we replied, "No, no..." Out of ignorance, we found ourselves in this situation. Now, how were we going to get out of it?

An Unexpected Challenge

We called the man who sold it to us, and he began to tell us lies, claiming he had already paid and would send us the receipt. However, that never happened; he blocked every phone number we called from. Finally, he admitted that he bought it the same way (with a debt) and suggested we do the same, sell it to someone else in a similar manner. We felt trapped. From the very beginning, when all the negative events began to unfold, we decided to close our mouths and not proclaim what was wrong, recognizing that we had made a decision out of ignorance.

The Power of Faith and Wisdom

We prayed to be able to see God's mercy, for Him to grant us peace and wisdom to act, and to provide us with divine contacts to make the right decisions. We decided to register the car in our name to manage the necessary procedures and continue the process. By doing this, we were able to call the finance company, which initially refused to provide information because we were not the original signatories. Miraculously, within an hour, the finance company called and informed us that the outstanding debt had been cleared, and we could register it with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation within five business days.

The Power of Faith and Wisdom

How you choose to act in each circumstance will determine whether you succeed or remain in lamentation, unable to see the complete blessing. Just like the eagle, when it soars to great heights and sees everything from above, we should be in the presence of God to perceive our problems as small, with wisdom. Conversely, chicks only look at the ground to sustain themselves and don't see beyond that. When you have a daily relationship with God, walk in His will, and have no arguments against it (sins), God will work through these circumstances, teaching you, granting you wisdom, understanding, knowledge, intelligence, and the fear of God, leading you to victory. (Isaiah 11:2)

Written by Mario Hernández, based on the sermon from October 28, 2023.

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