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God's DNA

Hello, everyone! Today, I want to share with you a passionate topic that has deeply impacted me: the DNA of God. Yes, you and I were created by God, and His DNA resides within each of us. This idea sounds beautiful and powerful, doesn't it? However, I wonder, why isn't it working for us? The answer is simple: because we haven't believed it.

In the book of Romans, chapter 12, verses 4 and 5, we find an interesting analogy: "Just as our bodies have many parts and each part has a special function, so it is with Christ's body. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other" (Romans 12:4-5 NLT). These words reveal the divine purpose of functioning as a united body. Yet, as children of God, we often haven't fully understood this fundamental truth.

The body of Christ, the church, is divided. Selfishness, the desire for recognition, vanity, pride, gossip, and other similar evils have hindered us from fulfilling God's purpose here on earth. We have underestimated the power of unity and the responsibility to care for one another. We have failed to grasp that we are like cells coming together to form organs, each with distinct yet necessary functions to fulfill a single purpose: to operate as one body.

At times, we may feel insignificant compared to others and become discouraged. We undervalue our function and overlook the importance we have for the entire body to fulfill its purpose. For example, in our congregation, we may feel undervalued if we are serving in the parking lot or taking care of the restroom cleaning, while others shine in worship or stand before a microphone, or even as the pastor. But thinking this way causes us to lose focus and forget that all parts are indispensable for the service to function properly.

Now, let's take a moment to reflect: if this happens even in the context of a religious service, how will it be when we join together as bodies in God's great army here on earth? Imagine how powerful we would be if we all worked together to fully fulfill the task entrusted to us by our Father: to make things here on earth function as they do in heaven.

Remember this: in you and me lies the DNA of our Father; we carry His essence and are His inheritance. But it's not enough to know it; we must believe it and banish doubt and unbelief from our minds. We were not created to be slaves to financial, educational, or religious systems. We were born to be subjects of God, showcasing His nature and love to the world.

So, shake off and renew your mind! We were created to multiply, rule the earth, and reflect the image of our Heavenly Father. Let's take a step forward, believing in our divine identity and purpose. Together, we can make a difference and transform our surroundings with the love and power of God.

This blog post was written by Wilmer Lopez, inspired by the sermon on June 24, 2023. I hope these words encourage and challenge you to live fully as a child of God. Until next time!

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