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I Am His Temple: From Religion to Relationship

Throughout human history, the concept of a "temple" has played a central role in the relationship between humans and the divine. It's the place where we seek the presence of God, where we strive to connect with the transcendent. But what happens when this place turns into an empty ritual, a meaningless tradition?

Let's talk about how a spectacular temple designed by Our Eternal Father lost its true essence. This temple was built so that everyone could enjoy the presence of God, but with one condition: purity. God is holy and cannot coexist with sin, so He established a sacrificial system. People had to purify themselves by sacrificing an animal and shedding its blood, an act symbolizing payment for their sins. Thus, the shed blood gave life, allowing humans to enter the house of their Father.

However, something changed along the way. This system, instead of being a means for intimacy with God, became an empty religion. People ceased to feel the weight of their sins and started seeking only their own benefits, not the divine presence. The temple, instead of being a means for encountering God, became an idol in itself, a physical representation of divinity. They cared more about the building than its spiritual content.

The love relationship with the Father was lost, replaced by a focus on material blessings. Sacrifices and offerings were made not out of love but out of convenience. Trust in the divine plan dwindled, and pride took its place.

Nevertheless, God never stopped seeking humanity. His desire is for an intimate relationship with us. We no longer need blood rituals or temples made by humans. Now, through the sacrifice of His only Son, the blood of Jesus, we find forgiveness for our sins, salvation, and eternal life. Blood is the symbol of life, and in the blood of Jesus, we find eternal life.

Today, you and I are the temple. Thanks to the blood of Jesus, we have salvation and direct access to the Father. Let's leave behind empty religion and embrace a genuine relationship with God.

"God is so rich in grace and kindness that He purchased our freedom with the blood of His Son and forgave our sins." - Ephesians 1:7 (NTV)

This message is based on the sermon of October 7, 2023. Written by Víctor Preza

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