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If I Were a Presidential Candidate in My Country: Proposals for Justice, Peace, and Joy

Justice, Peace, and Joy


In my home country, presidential elections are set to take place this year, and candidates are presenting their visions for the future. If I were to run as a presidential candidate, these would be my proposals: Justice, Peace, and Joy.

Unfortunately, many candidates make the same empty promises as their predecessors or lack substantial proposals. This reflects a deeply rooted political culture in our countries, where formulas that have proven ineffective are imitated.

In the pursuit of genuine change, it's crucial to reflect on our attitudes and thought patterns. As Romans 12:2 NTV states, "Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

Culture, in its broadest sense, is the way a group of people thinks, manifested in their lifestyle, customs, language, food, clothing, music, traditions, values, and even the choice of leaders.

The Kingdom of Heaven also has its culture, involving adopting the heavenly lifestyle on Earth. This culture is characterized by three fundamental elements: justice, peace, and joy.

Justice encompasses fair wages, just laws, and reasonable wait times. We all aspire to live in peace, both nationally and in our homes and personal lives. Additionally, we seek to experience joy instead of sorrow.

From the beginning, God's plan was to establish His own family, His people, who would live according to His design. This purpose was evident in the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve represented the image and likeness of God to extend His culture throughout the earth.

To align with the culture of the Kingdom of Heaven, we must question whether our lives reflect God's desires in all areas. If discrepancies are found, it's crucial to align those areas with the Kingdom.

Living in the Kingdom of Heaven is not a future prospect but a present reality. Jesus proclaimed that the Kingdom of Heaven has come near, offering justice, peace, and joy in this life.

If we desire to experience these three dimensions in our lives, we must change our way of thinking and obey the teachings of God's Word on how to live on Earth.

Written by Víctor Preza, based on the sermon of 06/01/2024

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