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Reflections on Death from God's Perspective

Reflections on Death from God's Perspective


The idea of dying to oneself can be challenging to grasp in a world where individualism and selfishness prevail. In this post, we will explore how death, seen from God's perspective, can become an act of love and growth, especially in the context of marriage.

The text explores how the concept of dying to oneself applies to marriage, emphasizing the importance of yielding, relinquishing selfishness, and seeking the other's happiness. Scripture is cited to illustrate this point, emphasizing the idea that in marriage, two individuals become one entity spiritually speaking.

The author points out that pride and arrogance are obstacles that hinder this process of dying to oneself in marriage, suggesting that it is better to yield for the sake of the relationship, rather than clinging to the desire to always be right.

The post concludes by highlighting that dying to oneself is not losing, but gaining, and that this act can lead to abundant fruits in the marital relationship and in life in general.

Written by Wilmer López, based on the sermon of April 6th, 2024.

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