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Sudden Death: A Reminder of Life's Fragility

What is sudden death? Many of us have heard of it, but few truly understand its scope and implications. Sudden death is the abrupt and unexpected cessation of heart activity in individuals who, seemingly, are in good health. The heart simply stops beating, and if immediate medical attention is not received, it results in the patient's demise.

Today, I want to share some reflections on this topic, and to do so, I'd like to start with a somber example. On November 29, 2022, a young Colombian soccer player collapsed during a training session with Atlético Tucumán. Despite being quickly transported to a hospital, he couldn't be revived and passed away at the age of 22. This tragic incident reminds us that sudden death doesn't discriminate; it can affect anyone, even those who take care of their health and exercise regularly.

Another case that touches our hearts is that of Cameroonian footballer Marc-Vivien Foé, who suddenly passed away on the field while playing against Colombia in 2003. These events make us ponder the fragility of life and the uncertainty that surrounds it.

The truth is that life is fragile and fleeting. No one can predict when or how their end will come. As stated in Matthew 6:27 (NLT), "Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?" Worrying is preoccupying ourselves ahead of time; we cannot add time to our lives no matter how much we wish for it. That prerogative lies in the hands of a higher power.

However, our choices here on Earth have a significant impact on our lives. Drug use, alcohol abuse, and a disorderly lifestyle can shorten our existence. In an instant, a poor decision can end our life or, worse, affect the lives of many others.

So, where do you want to spend your eternity? Sudden death reminds us of the importance of considering this question. Our decisions determine not only how we live but also where we will spend eternity, close to God or separated from Him.

In conclusion, sudden death is a reminder of life's fragility. It urges us to cherish every moment we have and make conscious decisions that not only affect our earthly life but also our eternal life. Let's take care of our health, but remember that our ultimate destiny is beyond our control.

This article is based on the sermon delivered on September 23, 2023. Sudden death invites us to reflect on our lives and consider what our legacy will be on this Earth.

Written by Victor Preza

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