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THANK YOU, TEACHER: A Journey of Obedience and Honor


Today, I want to share a reflection on the difference between obedience and honor, a concept I learned from an extraordinary teacher during my residency in gynecology. This experience left a profound impact on my life, and I'd like to share how honor goes beyond mere obedience.

Obedience, as I understand it, involves following instructions, commands, or laws. It is doing what is asked of us, no more. However, honor is an act motivated by love and goes far beyond the required. We honor when we do something additional, without anyone asking, simply because we genuinely desire to do so.

I remember my teacher during those residency years. He was not only an expert in medicine but also an inspiration as a human being. Operating with him was more than following his instructions; it was an act of honor. Out of respect and admiration, I strove to exceed his expectations, serving him in the best way possible. Even when he was not present, I visited and attended to his patients, not only because he had ordered me to but because I wanted to please him.

This memory leads me to reflect on the importance of honor in our daily actions. Honor does not wait for a command or a law; it is the highest expression of respect, a recognition of authority that comes from the depths of our hearts.

In Romans 12:10, we read: "Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor." Honor involves delighting in honoring others, a manifestation of gratitude, respect, admiration, and reverence. It is the response to love expressed in its purest form.

You can obey God out of fear of consequences, following His laws and rules. But you can also obey out of love, fearing to harm the relationship you share with Him, fearing to lose the intimacy of the heart.

I want to express my gratitude to the teacher who taught me to honor, but above all, thank you, Lord Jesus, for teaching me to honor God, my Father. This journey of learning and growth has left me invaluable lessons about the importance of honor in our lives.

Written by Víctor Preza, based on the sermon of February 17, 2024.

May this message inspire us to seek honor in our daily interactions and to thank those who have guided us on this path of personal and spiritual growth. Thank you, teacher!

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