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The authority

The authority

This term of authority has been related to negative things such as: manipulation, corruption, abuse, crushing, abuse of power, control, shouting, etc. Unfortunately, this is what the vast majority of us have experienced in our countries of origin with government authorities, in churches and worse still in our homes. We have been witnesses or protagonists of that bad authority.

But the true sense of authority is: the privilege given by God to be like him on earth, reflecting his characteristics and being the visible image of the invisible God. He created us to reign in his representation here on earth, that is, he delegated his authority to us.

So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; man and woman he created them. Then God blessed them with the following words: “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and rule over it. Reign over the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky and all the animals that run on the ground.

Genesis 1:27-28 NLT

But what is authority for?

Authority is to: care for, protect, defend, provide, nourish, sustain, encourage, uplift, affirm, guide and even discipline, with the purpose that those who were placed under its authority come to produce fruit with seed according to their kind.

Authority has a purpose, it is given for something, to care for and to cultivate, to carry out what God planned for all humanity with those who believe it and decide to live under the delegated authority of him.

It does not matter if you and I had a wrong concept of authority, by knowing Him and accepting Him as our Lord, His lordship in us will produce a change, which in due time will produce fruit in us, our family, friends and environment, a fruit that will be abundant and that will bring more life to humanity, a humanity that will understand that being under the authority of our Heavenly Father brings us peace, love, care, that He comes to our defense, that He guides us with His Word, that His care affirms us and that with that same love corrects us, that is authority.

The questions would be: Do you want that authority in your life? Do you want that change of authority in your life and that of your loved ones?

Written by Victor Preza based on the sermon of February 10, 2024.

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