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This Body is Mine: Discovering the Essence of the Church as Family


Have you ever taken a moment to ponder the marvel that is our own body? What does it look like on the inside? Did you know that the largest bone is the pelvis, and we have around 300 bones in total? These fascinating facts make us appreciate the complexity of this masterpiece that is the human body. With approximately 639 muscles, every part, no matter how small, has its vital function.


For instance, did you know that your heart can beat more than 3 billion times in your lifetime? And, interestingly, we produce around 1.5 liters of saliva daily. Isn't it incredible? The human body is a symphony of astonishing processes, with over 100 thousand kilometers of blood vessels transporting life to every corner.


All of this leads us to reflect on the importance of each component. No organ is considered more or less essential; all contribute to the harmonious functioning of the body. This analogy brings us to a biblical passage that speaks of the church as the body of Christ, where each has its role, and all are necessary to complete the work.


Ephesians 1:23 (NLT) says: "And the church is his body; it is made full and complete by Christ, who fills all things everywhere with himself."


The concept of the body goes beyond a religious organization; it is a family created by Jesus, with him as the head. However, we often misinterpret this concept and feel disconnected, undervalued. The key is to understand that we are part of a divine family.


Culture has distorted the concept of family, affecting our perception of the church. The church should not just be a gathering but a loving family that helps one another. The lack of identity in the natural family is reflected in the church, where some take on wrong roles due to that lack of identity.


If we don't feel valuable in our natural family, how can we experience it in the church? The lack of identity leads us to take on wrong roles, thinking we are in charge when we should be members functioning in unity.


God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit have a clear identity and want us, their family, to have it too. The Trinity desires that we understand that we are all important and necessary, like each organ in the human body. We are his body, and he is the head.


In summary, our identity as church members is crucial. Each of us belongs to this body, and by understanding it, we learn to value, care for, and love our church as a true family.


This blog was inspired by the sermon on 16/12/2023 by Víctor Preza. I hope you find inspiration and reflection in these words!

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