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When I Try to Be God's Assistant: Learning from Abraham's Experiences

Updated: Aug 22, 2023


In the history of faith, we find inspiring figures that teach us valuable lessons. One of these examples is our father , Abraham known as the father of faith. While he was brave and determined, he also faced moments when his confidence wavered. In this article, we will explore how Abraham tried to assist God and the lessons we can extract from his experience.

A Misstep in Egypt

In his journey of faith, Abraham encountered challenging moments that tested his trust in God. One of these moments occurred when he decided to go to Egypt due to famine in the land. Instead of waiting on God's promise, Abraham took the initiative and became the "helper of God." This is where the story takes an interesting turn.

In Egypt, Abraham feared for his life and chose to lie about his relationship with his wife Sarai, saying she was his sister. This lie had unexpected and unpleasant consequences. The pharaoh, deceived by the situation, took Sarai for himself. However, God intervened to protect Sarai, despite Abraham's misguided actions.

Distrust in God's Promise

This story shows us how distrust in God's promise can lead us down the wrong paths. Even though God had assured Abraham of protection, he doubted. He doubted the God he believed he knew and questioned God's faithfulness to fulfill His word. At this stage, though God hadn't yet fulfilled all His promises concerning Abraham's life, that didn't mean He wouldn't do so in the future.

The Importance of God's Word

When God speaks, His words come to pass. We might face circumstances that seem contradictory to what God has said, but those words were spoken precisely to sustain us in difficult times. For instance, if God has promised protection from dangers, it's implied that we'll encounter dangers at some point. In those moments, recalling His promise gives us strength and confidence.

Applying the Lessons to Our Lives

This account holds meaningful applications in our lives. Perhaps we've experienced improvements in our economic situation, but haven't fully enjoyed what God has said about us yet. Our family relationships might be going through challenges, but that doesn't mean God can't restore them. Battling physical pain and illness doesn't negate God's ability to heal.

Avoiding the Traps of Our Own "Help"

Just as Abraham sought to "help" God by going to Egypt, we often fall into the trap of trying to carry out our own plans instead of trusting God. When we veer away from His purpose, the temporary blessings we receive can trigger problems and hardships. Abraham's story of being expelled from Egypt serves as a reminder of how impulsive actions can have negative consequences.


Abraham's story teaches us the importance of trusting in God's promise instead of attempting to be His "assistant." God's promises are secure and will be fulfilled in His perfect timing, even when we face challenges along the way. May this account inspire us to trust God and obey His plans, steering clear of the trap of our own "help" that could lead us down undesirable paths.

Written by Víctor Preza based on the sermon of August 12, 2023.

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