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Why Be Afraid?

Memories that come alive in the present

Years ago, there was a radio program called "Remembering is Living Again" that filled homes with music from the past. At that time, I may not have fully understood the meaning of that phrase, but today, I can confidently affirm that it is entirely true. If I reflect on who I was in my adolescence and who I am now, after surrendering my life to Jesus, I can clearly see the blessings that have enriched my journey. These memories ignite in me the desire to continue under His guidance, direction, and authority.

Reading God's word and remembering all the promises He has made infuse life into me and encourage me to persevere in obedience. It is in these moments of reflection that we question ourselves: If He promised it, why should we be afraid?

Fear generates doubts, paralysis, stagnation, and disbelief within us. However, when we meditate on God's word and treasure it in our hearts, we become deserving of each of His promises.

In Joshua 1:7 NIV, we find a powerful message that urges us to be strong and courageous, to obey the instructions given, and not to deviate from the path set before us. If we follow these guidelines, a blessed future awaits us in everything we undertake.

I want to share my own faith journey as an example. Fifteen years ago, I arrived alone in this beautiful nation of Canada with a suitcase full of dreams and only 50 dollars in my pocket. My situation was precarious, but today, looking back, I can gratefully say: "My Father promised me, and my Father fulfilled it." The wonders that God has woven into my life are tangible: a beautiful home, a lovely wife, remarkable children, and an extended family. I am living proof of His unconditional love.

Memories like these reignite hope and confidence that God will fulfill His promises. Remembering is reliving the blessings we have experienced and also a source of courage to face the unknown.

So, why be afraid? Embrace the power of faith, trust in God's promises, and allow the memory of His wonders to give you the strength to move forward.

Thus, dear reader, I encourage you to reflect on your own experiences and trust that the faithful God who has worked in the past will also guide your future with love and care. Fear not! Let us remember together that with Him by our side, there is nothing to fear.

By Wilmer Lopez

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